August 23, 2023

Cause Marketing That Can Help Increase Revenue

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Sales Donations
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What is DailyKarma?

DailyKarma started as a consumer facing fundraising tool that has now transitioned into turnkey cause marketing solutions for Ecommerce merchants. They enable merchants, and their customers, to give back to the causes they believe in, right at the point of purchase.

They allow customers to choose a donation tier, for example $1, $5, $10, or a custom amount, on the product detail page, add that donation to cart with purchase, and the backend donation process is automatically handled by DailyKarma in the backend.

On average, there is a 5% - 15% voluntary donation rate for customers. It varies based on the cause, the brand, and the customer, of course.

Some brands offer loyalty points in exchange for donating. Right now they integrate with Smile, LoyaltyLion, and will have Yotpo/Swell and other loyalty programs on the horizon.

They have a widget available on cart and checkout (checkout only available for Plus merchants or custom sites) called “Round Up”, which makes it easy to round up to the nearest dollar (or more) and donate to a cause.

For larger partners, Daily Karma sends a purchase over every month for the donation amount and then receives the donation funds and processes it to the correct charities appropriately.

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What makes DailyKarma different than competitors?

DailyKarma has an impact tracker that can be embedded anywhere on the site to show your shoppers how much money they’ve donated to charity.

And yes, we want to give more money to more charities, but it’s about more than giving back.

This tracker provides a feel good factor that acts as a kind of social proof, incentivizing customers to buy and give back through shopping.

And, while this tool is helping to increase conversion rates and sales, it’s also collecting psychographic data on your customer base, allowing you to segment customers based on the charities they’ve chosen. Which allows you to create personalized campaigns to encourage repeat purchases, referrals, reviews, etc.

What metrics is DailyKarma going to improve for my Ecommerce store?

DailyKarma is of course helping you to increase the amount of money you, and your customers, are able to donate to good causes. But through giving, you will also see increases in:

  • conversions,
  • sales,
  • average order value,
  • repeat purchases and,
  • brand loyalty.

For example, DailyKarma has a functionality called “Donate for a Discount”, which gives the customer an option to donate to a charity in exchange for getting a discount on their purchase (or off their next purchase). It turns out that by doing this, you can drastically increase conversion rate, and it can often be a better discounting option than the typical, save 10% / save 20% offers.

Think about it, instead of just offering 15% off, you offer it as a challenge: “If you donate $5, you’ll get 15% (or $12 let’s just say to simplify) off your purchase.” The customer doesn’t care that their net savings is only $7, they love that they are donating to the cause and getting something for donating. It will often increase conversion rate well over the cost of giving the discount.

Rare Beauty ran their “Donate for Discount” campaign with Daily Karma back during the 2020 holiday season and it increased Average Order Value (AOV) 34%, with 35% of their customers choosing to donate.

Who has to manage DailyKarma and how long does it take to setup?

Through their Shopify app integration, you can set up and running campaigns in a few minutes. They also have integrations with other major platforms and can creation custom APIs.

Is DailyKarma right for my store?

DailyKarma works with charities across the world and can support merchants from the EU, UK, USA, Australia, and Canada.

Ultimately, every company should add social giving to their platform. Whether you are turning a profit, or you need to build the giving into your margins, everyone should be part of the giving economy.

Even if you aren’t sure you’re ready for this, most companies are capable of creating some sort of giving back component to their business. Whatever motivates you - the increase in conversion, average order value, customer loyalty, repeat purchases, or good old fashioned altruism, like Nike says - Just Do It!

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