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Finding the Influencers in Your Customer Base: Review of Carro Influencer Marketing Platform

Watch the video explanation above or keep reading. Full product review page here.

Discover, Book, and Send Product to Your Micro and Macro Influencers for Free

I've been waiting for a tool like this for so long...

You see, for a while now, I've known the power of understanding your customers.

And I see a very large gap between the consumer information available to brands, and the information being leveraged by them.

Carro solves one piece of the consumer data puzzle, specifically on the social influencer side:

Carro helps you identify the influencers in your existing customer base, email list, and social followers.

And it costs nothing to use... I'm not kidding. Some influencer marketing platforms costs $1,000s/month and are so expensive they don't even show you their pricing on the site (always a bad sign).

Here's what that actually looks like from your dashboard:

In order to get this information, you just have to follow 3 simple steps:

  1. Install the Carro app and connect it with your Shopify store.
  2. Finalize all additional integrations, such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Klaviyo/Mailchimp/CSV upload.
  3. Profit... OK not exactly, but just wait a few minutes while Carro does their behind the scenes work to match your engaged fans with their social personas and then boom, you can find influencers that already care about your brand.

From here, you can export the influencer list and begin your outreach process.

Give them a custom link to your site to secure product, and then await the review and... Profit!

Getting Product Reviews at Scale Has Never Been Easier

This quick walkthrough demonstrates how easy it is for an influencer to request product from your store.

And don't worry, they can never purchase or take product without you completing the review request. This is specifically designed for an influencer to browse your store for their favorite gear, add it to a request, and then submit that request for your approval on the backend:

Carro Product Request Dashboard

From the backend of your Carro dashboard, you can review the request, the cost of the product requested, the influencer's social following, engagement rate, recent posts, how they are connected to you, and when they requested the product.

If you hit "Approve" the product is automatically shipped straight to their door through your normal fulfillment process.

No more back and forth. No more asking them for their address. No more having the product sent to your home or office, only to repackage and send out to them.

By streamlining the product review process, you can really do low-cost influencer marketing at scale.

The Future of Influencer Marketing

In my experience, I've seen product reviews work extremely well for growing a brand, a social following, and driving revenue.

But giving 1 micro-influencer product is only going to result in one or two sales...

How do you execute on a campaign like this at scale?

In my previous experience, we hired an influencer marketing agency, paid them $5k/month, and had them doing the outreach, gathering information from micro-influencers, and sending product.

They also had to manually track and report on the success of each micro-influencer campaign, oftentimes there is little to no report, or social-level reporting only (engagements or views) and no sales tracking.

The future of Carro will undoubtedly include the ability to create and track custom coupon codes, dynamically generated because of their deep Shopify integration, which will in turn give you the slickest influencer marketing reporting you've ever had - streamlined from finding influencers, booking influencers, and then to tracking their value to your business.

I'm excited for the future of influencer marketing for Ecommerce and can't wait to see the case studies coming out of this company.

Featured Tool

Discover the influencers that already love your brand so that you can reach out to them and empower them to spread the word.

Use Carro's customer, Email, and social following analysis tool to help identify your most valuable and authentic influencers.

Then use their product review tool to allow influencers to shop and request items. You approve and send the product to them through your normal logistics process, saving you the headache of having to ship influencers product separately.

Final Thoughts

Carro is a fast-growing venture-backed startup looking to disrupt the influencer marketing for Ecommerce space.

They already have over 5,000 brands and 2.6million influencers on their platform! And it's growing fast.

Their first two tools allow you to find social influencers in your existing network, and to simplify the product review process by utilizing your stores existing checkout process.

Both of these features are quite novel, to me at least... You just don't see the big platforms working on stuff like this.

And that is what excites me about Carro: They're building innovative new products that bring authenticity to your influencer marketing, while reducing costs.

I'm looking forward to seeing their platform grow into a full-fledged product review marketplace. This is something that could truly change how all consumers interact with brands they love.

To find out more about Carro, check out their website or download their Shopify app.

This is a sponsored review by Carro... But I would never let a small amount of money misrepresent how I feel about their product: It's awesome, innovative, useful, and did I mention it's free?

Derric's tool recommendations changed my life.

- Real Ecommerce CEO -

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