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7 signs it’s time to fire your 3PL

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Wanted: A better ecommerce fulfillment solution

Let’s face it: the always-on, always-open shopping experience demands seamless interaction across all shopping channels. As an online retailer, your brand and your third-party logistics provider (3PL) need to be responsive and move quickly. This means your direct-to-consumer (D2C) fulfillment has to be impeccable. For the consumer, the expectation for a seamless customer experience translates to self-service capabilities, making order automation a key requirement for online brands and their 3PLs.

For the 3PL, the use of automation is evolving rapidly—from plain old EDI, software and automatic integration to the more disruptive technologies such as robotics, AI, machine learning and advanced analytics. Bottom line: a higher level of order automation and transparency is required today from your logistics partners to keep up with your customer’s expectations for a seamless experience, not to mention the efficiency and profitability of your brand.

What you will learn

3PL provider falls behind during sales peaks
Cost-effective shipping strategies are hit and miss
Manual upload of files to 3PL
Can’t trust our inventory numbers
No visibility and control over operational data
The brand gets pummeled on social media because of bad fulfillment
Returns process is a big hassle