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The Customer Experience Evolution: enhancing CX with fulfillment strategies

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Consumer shopping habits were upended during the restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic. Online brands and retail brands were forced to adapt during the pandemic and so did the consumer. As more consumers tried ecommerce, and online shopping continues to grow exponentially in 2021, expectations for a seamless customer experience (CX), including speed, convenience and no-hassle returns, are the new norm. These expectations are also changing rapidly with new omnichannel fulfillment models.

Ultimately, CX is your customers’ perception of how your company treats them. These perceptions affect behaviors and drive loyalty. Improving the CX you offer your customers is proven to increase customer retention, satisfaction, and revenue. The quality of fulfillment processes across channels—from the moment the consumer clicks ‘buy’ or purchases in-store, to delivery and returns, and across interactions with customer service—are central to shaping the CX.

Discover more about the link between CX and fulfillment with strategies to leverage your fulfillment operations.

What you will learn

What is the Customer Experience?
The New Omnichannel World
Driving loyality
Post-purchase anatomy of CX