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February 7, 2024

All-in-one subscription management app to personalize rewards system, reduce order cancellations and increase revenue.

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What is Loop Subscriptions?

Loop Subscriptions is a retention-focused subscriptions management app, built with direct insights from the Ecommerce community, that helps Ecommerce brands easily grow and retain their subscriber base with features like:

  • Loop Flows - No-code flow builder that personalized rewards, add-on products, and discounts
  • Easy to setup, no-code, flexible, self-serve customer portal designed to improve Customer Experience and reduce support tickets
  • Advanced and interactive cancellation and exit surveys
  • Product bundling and discounting (even inside your customer portal)

They really help you create the best subscription experience for your brand with a well-designed & fast-loading subscription widget, you can add TikTok/IG videos in your exit surveys, automate/personalize discounts, rewards, trials & gifts on X orders, and much more.Setup your subscriptions retention stack with exit surveys, video/GIFs prompts and one-time use discount codes. You can add videos and GIFs in cancellation surveys without the help of a developer. You can add one-time usable discounts in cancellation exit surveys.

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What makes Loop Subscriptions different than competitors?

They have a feature called Loop Flows, which  helps you to automate the operations of setting up rewards or a complete subscriber journey from start to finish. Merchants can personalize these journeys at scale across multiple products. For example, if you want to give a freebie after 5 orders, a discount or loyalty points after 10, etc. Most other subscription tools don’t do this

They have a bundle builder which doesn’t create duplicate SKUs in your Shopify inventory. You can even easily edit bundles from within their customer portal post-purchase. This is perfect for brands where you may want to stay subscribed but swap out the products every month.

They have an in-house smart dunning management solution that helps you to realize revenue from failed card payments. Most other subscription tools will use a 3rd party partner, but with Loop Subscriptions, you don’t have to do anything.

What metrics is Loop Subscriptions going to improve for my Ecommerce store?

Of course, with all subscription tools, the goal is increasing Lifetime Value (LTV) and increasing the revenue from subscriptions, and the length someone stays subscribed.

With Loop Subscriptions, merchants are able to reduce subscription cancellations by up to 30% with their powerful, interactive cancellation surveys and exit surveys. 

With their in-house dunning tool, merchants realize up to 20% more subscription revenue from failed payments every month.
With custom widget designs, merchants have increased subscriber conversion rate on their product pages by up to 30%.

And merchants can increase their subscription AOV by 20% through bundles and smart upsells.

Who has to manage Loop Subscriptions and how long does it take to setup?

Typically it’s going to be the Director of Ecommerce, Director of Retention, or the C-suite making the decision to change (or start) subscription platforms and reach out to Loop Subscriptions to find out if they have the requisite functionality and are the right fit.

You’ll usually do at least one demo meeting, you may do another to bring in a developer. Once you’ve made the decision to change, they start a dedicated Slack channel to help oversee and execute on the subscription migration. If you’re a Recharge customer, they have a direct API to transfer over subscribers. Generally, their migration process is very easy and can take less two weeks (even for the biggest migrations).

The app itself will typically take less than a day to fully setup, and for larger merchants they will walk you through it in a customer success call. Things can take longer if you need to coordinate with multiple departments, create multiple custom bundles or offers, setup multiple flows, etc. Overall, they’ve created a very seamless process for getting setup, including multiple no-code edits you can make to things like the customer portal and the cancellation flows, etc.

To use Loop to its full potential is an ongoing process where your Director of Ecommerce or Director of Retention may check in weekly, update new SKUs and bundles and discounts as you add or remove products to the store.

Loop may also be ran by your agency, where they can help you optimize bundles and flows to increase AOV and LTV.

Is Loop Subscriptions right for my store?

Loop is ideal for any merchant that is running a subscription program or wants to run a subscription program on Shopify. They support all types of subscriptions: Auto-ship, gift, prepaid, bundle, and more. 

Size doesn’t matter, whether you have 0 subscribers currently or 130,000. They can start your subscription business or scale it to infinite. And migrating from your existing provider is fast and easy.

One thing I will say is that because of their robust functionality, they work especially nicely for brands with complex bundling, discounting, or custom offers.

They also work with any brand that is running a membership program for their store.

Obviously you don’t need Loop Subscriptions if you aren’t going to sell any recurring subscription products (physical or digital). And if you are just adding basic subscribe and save functionality to your store, sure they will work for that, but they do so much more.

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