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The Best Sales and Conversion Apps for Ecommerce

Anything that improves the experience and conversion on your site.

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What are the best Sales and Conversion apps?

Tools in this category should be all about increasing revenue, average order value, and/or conversion rate, which means they should have clearly trackable metrics that prove this value. Typically, they will do this by improving social proof, user experience - including providing more information to the user that helps guide them through their journey - or perhaps the tool simply auto-fills their location information. In any case, every merchant dreams of increasing conversion rate, and these are going to be some of the main tools you use to do that.

Sales and Conversion

What is


Jotform is a mobile-first form builder offering lead collection, social selling and more. Create forms, quizzes and surveys from a wide range of templates.

What is


Carro’s Brand Partnership tool is like going Shopping for products for your store, without a traditional wholesale relationship or any inventory commitments.

What is


Route is a free for merchants shipping insurance app with built in visual package tracking, kind of like Uber, for your packages...

What is


PageFly is a responsive and easy-to-use drag and drop landing page builder/editor for Shopify merchants.

What is


Clearco is officially the world's largest ecommerce investor, having made over $2.2 billion in investments across over 5,500 Ecommerce businesses.

What is

Trackify X

Trackify X is a pixel engine that backs up pixel data and manages multiple pixels through server side API, lowering CPA and increasing return on ad spend.

What is


DailyKarma is a turnkey Cause Marketing solution that enables merchants and customers, to give back to causes they believe in, right at the point of purchase.

What is


SEON, short for “Security On,” is a robust fraud protection tool covering multiple types of fraud and money laundering across dozens of industries.

What is

Luz Data

Luz Data is a massive database for Ecommerce that tracks competitor sales volume and inventory counts to help you advertise as efficiently as possible.

What is


Easypop is a developer-friendly pop-up tool, with unique and robust features that are well optimized for performance and that is extremely easy to use.

What is

Advanced Commerce

Advanced Commerce is a search and personalization merchandising platform that helps merchants better showcase and sell products.

What is


Cross-Sell and Upsell by Optimizing Your Notification Emails

What is


Loox is a plug and play photo review platform that helps you get more reviews from your customers and turn those reviews into more sales.

What is

Ultimate Special Offers

Ultimate Special Offers, by Pixel Union, is an easy to use flexible app designed for merchants who are starting to create upsell and promotional campaigns.

What is


Enalito is a product recommendation engine and analytics tool that allows you to create highly segmented and personalized campaigns

What is


Maxwell offers a free and premium version for Messenger and WhatsApp. They have now productized their service and opened it up to Ecommerce brands at large.

What is


ReConvert is a “thank you” page optimizer that allows you to resell to your customers after check out.

What is Opinew?

Opinew is a smart review platform for DTC brands showcasing reviews on their site from across the web for increased social proof and conversation rate.

What is Netcore?

Netcore is a customer engagement and experience platform that creates personalized digital experiences to fuel omni-channel growth.

What is Sendlane?

Sendlane is an email and SMS marketing platform that combines functionality with methodology to increase conversions and total revenue.

What is Carro?

Carro’s Brand Partnership tool is like going Shopping for products for your store, without a traditional wholesale relationship or any inventory commitments.

What is Rewind?

Rewind is an easy to use back up tool for your Shopify or BigCommerce store, providing peace of mind that when things break you will be able to fix them fast.

What is SMSBump?

SMSBump is the largest SMS marketing tool in the Shopify app market, designed specifically for Shopify with extremely robust functionality and features.

What is Gorgias?

All-in-One Customer Support Specifically Designed for Ecommerce

What is Viral Loops?

Viral Loops improves customer lifetime value by incentivizing word-of-mouth marketing in pre-sale and post-sale campaigns.

Why use Sales and Conversion apps?

You're here because you've identified a gap in the user experience and are thinking there could be a specific type of tool that solves it. Maybe it is a simple bundling option, or a complex personalization opportunity. Browse these tools to get an idea of the opportunities available to you, then prioritize executing on them based on what you perceive to be the most likely to succeed.

When should you be investing in Sales and Conversion apps?

All Ecommerce stores are using some tools in this category at any given point. Drill down into a sub-category to get a better feel for when to use, or when not to use, a specific set of tools.

Who is managing these Sales and Conversion apps?

Typically on-site conversion tools are ran by your head of marketing, head of Ecommerce, or you, the founder.

What are the most important Sales and Conversion features?

You're looking for something that proves to improve conversion rate, so a common feature to do this would be some form of split testing. Other than that, you may be needing to easily add these tools to the site, so a robust Shopify and theme integration will be important, otherwise you may have to hire a developer.