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Best Mobile App Builders for Ecommerce

Launching your own app has never been easier.

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What are the best mobile app builders for Ecommerce?

This isn't 2010 baby! We don't need to code an app to launch an app anymore thanks to these innovative companies who have created a sort of "done for you" mobile app building process. They all work in similar ways but have different features and integrations which is where you really want to focus your attention when making a decision.

The best mobile app builder tools automatically import your product catalog via Shopify, allow you to easily recreate your homepage, collection pages, and product detail pages, all within a mobile app experience. And allow for seamless checkout, custom discounts and offers, and most importantly direct integration into all your other tools - loyalty, review, email, sms, subscription tools, etc.

I will say it again: The biggest challenge these days when launching a mobile app for Ecommerce is not coding the app, you don't have to do pretty much anything there any more (maybe up to $2k in dev work, but often $0). The biggest challenge is keeping your existing on-site experience, the apps and integrations you currently use, working on the mobile app experience.

Aside from that, your biggest challenge will be getting customers to download and continue to use the app, which will require a retention marketing strategy, which we will not cover here, but you can review our YouTube library for some related content.

Mobile App Builder

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What is Tapcart?

Create Your Own Branded iOS and Android Apps

What is Plobal?

Plobal is a white-label mobile app development and launch tool for digitally native vertical brands.

What is Via Customers?

Via is a mobile first, SMS marketing tool designed to increase opt-in and retention rates among your customers.

What is Omnishop?

Omnishop is a done-for-you Android and Apple mobile app builder that can publish directly to the appropriate marketplaces with a simple "no-code for you" setup.

What is Shop2App?

Shop2App is a hyper-focused mobile app builder for subscription brands who are looking to improve customer loyalty and retention. 

What is MageNative?

Presenting the smartest way to build your Shopify Mobile App

What is is a specialized service provider that focuses on the end-to-end creation and growth of eCommerce stores.

What is Shopney?

Shopney helps you design and launch a world-class mobile shopping app without any design or coding skills.

What is Vajro?

The social selling mobile app tool for exciting brands

What is Macaroni?

Macaroni is an end-to-end SEO platform designed specifically for Shopify users.

What is Particl?

Real-time product sales and pricing data. Particl AI tracks sales, inventory, pricing, assortment, and sentiment across all of eCommerce.

What is Tidio?

All-in-one customer experience solution with live chat, AI chatbots, and multichannel communication

What is Moast? is a solution that eCommerce brands can use to connect their prospective customers with existing customers for real life demos.

What is Decile?

Customer data platform that provides strategic insights that help you act on your analytics to actually grow your store.

What is

Fera is all about helping merchants gather and display customer reviews and user generated content to actually have an effect on sales.

What is Omnisend?

Omnichannel Marketing Automation Built for Ecommerce

Why use Mobile App Builder apps?

Mobile app builders are great for building retention and loyalty with existing customers. After they purchase, you can suggest they download the mobile app to get exclusive offers, sneak peaks, and early access. Use the app to keep a closer relationship with your users, and you'll find it works nicely for increaseing Lifetime Value (LTV), and overall customer satisfaction.

When should you be investing in Mobile App Builder apps?

Small brands aren't ready for this yet. But by 100k monthly visitors or 500 new customers a month, you've got to really consider an investment into an app. In order to exuecte on using this tool to the fullest, you need to ensure you build a robust retention marketing strategy and really incorporate the app into your marketing initiatives. For that reason, I also recommend setting aside a good chunk of marketing resources (time and team) in order to properly launch and grow your mobile app audience.

For large brands - $1mil/year revenue+ - that haven't integrated a mobile app into their omnichannel strategy, this is going to be a game changer.

This tool works for brands that retain customers, so if you have very pass-through traffic, or low engagement on social, this will work less well.

Who is managing these Mobile App Builder apps?

Typically it is going to be your marketing team that is in charge of this app. You may also have a developer on standby for some amount of custom work or css coding that may be needed. It could take a few weeks to really get the setup and launch of the surrounding strategy squared away, and then you're off to the races. Studying user behavior and trying to get more and more users logging in as often as practical.

What are the most important Mobile App Builder features?

Mobile app builders are all about their integrations - can you bring in reviews, display reviews, get reviews? Can you display loyalty points, earn loyalty points, and share the download link to the app with others. Can you give exclusivity to your mobile app users to make them feel more connected with you? That's what you're looking for when you choose a mobile app builder