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Fueled Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Attribution Suite

February 7, 2024

Clean up your Google Analytics 4 (GA4) data with better client and server-side event tracking.

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No-code setup
Custom event tracking
Server-side event tracking
Client-side event tracking
Offline event tracking
Point-of-Sales (POS) Integrations
Subscription event tracking

Forever Free

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No-code setup
Custom event tracking
Server-side event tracking
Client-side event tracking
Offline event tracking
Point-of-Sales (POS) Integrations
Subscription event tracking

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What is Fueled Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Attribution Suite?

Fueled’s forever-free Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Attribution Suite allows Shopify merchants to clean up their Google Analytics and have near-flawless event tracking, so that you can better understand what is going on on your website and make better decisions using your Google Analytics data.

This app can be installed in less than 10 minutes by anyone on your team. No technical skills required.

Fueled’s Google Analytics 4 connector automatically tracks 10 different types of Ecommerce events. Fueled collects click-through event data in the browser through a theme extension. They also track critical purchase events with their server-side integration, which provides 99.99% capture of purchase events – including offline purchases, point-of-sale purchases, and recurring billing events through integrations with ReCharge Payments, Smartrr, Bold Subscriptions, or Skio.

With more accurate and more complete Ecommerce event data in Google Analytics 4, merchants can better understand their customers’ journeys and the effectiveness of different campaigns and product strategies. Moreover, merchants can leverage this Google Analytics 4 data for more sophisticated targeting in their Google Ads, using Google Analytics 4’s new segmentation and targeting features.

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What makes Fueled Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Attribution Suite different than competitors?

There are a couple of other Shopify Apps that provide client-side and server-side event tracking for Google Analytics 4 (GA4). However, they take longer to set up and all require monthly fees. Fueled is a robust, feature-rich alternative that’s free for life. 

This tool is able to remain free because Fueled uses it as “Product Led Growth” and has an upgrade option to a paid solution when you want to start sending your Google Analytics data to Segment, your data warehouse, or a business intelligence tool. This makes it a big win for brands not ready for advanced functionality like that, and Fueled is happy to wait for the day when you might want to pipe that data someplace else.

What metrics is Fueled Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Attribution Suite going to improve for my Ecommerce store?

Fueled’s GA4 Attribution Suite’s primary metrics is improved GA4 data accuracy. When you’re collecting more accurate, complete data about your customers’ purchase journey across your stores and offline channels, you can make smarter business decisions, understand your numbers better, invest in the right ad channels, and so forth. Which means this one simple fix really can affect the whole business.

Who has to manage Fueled Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Attribution Suite and how long does it take to setup?

This app was designed for both the solo-entrepreneur who is just getting started with Google Analytics, as well as for sophisticated data teams who want to track custom events.

The app can be set up in under 10 minutes by anyone with a basic understanding of Shopify and access to Google Analytics. All configuration is done inside of the Shopify Admin UI, with help text and videos linked from directly within the app for each step in the configuration process.

Ultimately, there are just two mandatory steps in configuring the app, enabling Fueled’s widget in your Shopify theme, and then copy/pasting your Google Analytics 4 tracking links into their admin form. 

After that, the tool is off and running and your analytics will be much cleaner from here on out. No updating or logging in to check things is required. And no payment required. Truly a set it and forget it type of solution.

Is Fueled Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Attribution Suite right for my store?

Fueled supports small business merchants who need an out-of-the-box Google Analytics 4 setup on Shopify, as well as enterprise Shopify Plus merchants who seek a fully-customizable event tracking solution for Google Analytics 4.

If you’re a small or starting store, you should consider installing Fueled now, so that your analytics are clean from here on out. 

You cannot install the tool and retroactively clean up your data.

The larger the store, and the more you rely on Google Analytics data, the more important Fueled is going to be for you. The more mistakes you might be making because of bad data, the more Fueled will help.

Fueled is particularly helpful for merchants who want to immediately start collecting event data in Google Analytics 4, before Universal Analytics is sunsetted in July, 2023.

Fueled isn’t for you if you are not looking at your Google Analytics data. They will be less valuable for you if you don’t actually sell directly online (like if you’re only doing phone sales or retail). That said, they can track offline events.

And if you’re using MixPanel, Segment, or a larger analytics tool, you’re going to want to look into upgrading to one of Fueled’s paid solutions.

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